Christi White Biography

 Professionally, Christi White has a strong business background with 20+ years’ experience in the private sector, as well as significant experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management degree from the University of Redlands. Christi worked in small business environments as well as Fortune 500 companies. Marketing, community relations, business development, strategic alliances, and customer service are her passions, along with building strong brands, tenaciously solving challenges, and achieving fully engaged partnerships.  Christi is a collaborator, a negotiator, a team player, who has mentored others while demonstrating servant leadership skills. 

Currently, Christi is the Manager of Community and Corporate Relations for a private, nonprofit university. She builds partner alliances with business organizations and governments to offer scholarships to their employees, spouses, and dependents. A high-energy leader and business developer, Christi understands the fundamentals of economic development, what will attract new companies to our City, and what is needed for start-up organizations to build businesses in Murrieta. Additional information is available on her Linkedin page at

Personally, Christi is a Southern California native, who has traveled extensively. She lived in Mexico City, as well as Sydney and Melbourne, NSW, Australia. Her father served in the United States Navy, her nephew-in-law serves in the police force, and her brother is a fire captain in Orange County, California. Christi is a life-long equestrian, training and competing in local, state, and national horse shows. She loves the scenic Murrieta area that incorporates the best of both rural and urban environments. 

To give back to our community, Christi has a long record of community service. She is a sworn officer with the Riverside County Court, Juvenile Division, has served as the mentor, advocate, and educational rights holder for a foster child, and donates marketing, public relations, and fundraising skills to local area nonprofits such as

Circle of Safe-T and Habitat for Humanity Inland Empire.

As a Murrieta City Commissioner since June 2016, Christi has worked to support our Parks and Recreation activities. She currently serves as the Commission Chairperson. During the last several years, Christi has attended countless Murrieta events, workshops, homelessness meetings, as well as youth and Veterans’ activities as a way to learn what is important in our community. Christi proudly owns a home in Murrieta. She has no investment property in Murrieta, is not obligated to special interests, and believes in a limited government role. Christi is well known for her courage, commitment, character, and common sense.

Since becoming a Murrieta City Commissioner, Christi has routinely attended Murrieta City Council meetings. Always one to want to understand the big picture, Christi studied issues and observed the process of running a municipality. Christi has been closely involved with the Murrieta Equestrian Park and development of the

Murrieta Downtown Specific Plan. 

Christi is running for Murrieta City Council 2018 because she cares deeply about the City of Murrieta. She is a strong advocate of a balanced budget, maintaining Murrieta’s quality of life, supporting Veterans, public safety, and a strong emphasis on sustainable economic development. Her goal is to ensure that current and future residents experience all the best that Murrieta has to offer, as she has enjoyed since moving to the valley in 2002 from Pasadena, California.